The Optoma Projectors That Would Not Die

I have the 150 lumen game/home theater projector and I really love it. My parents are thinking about making a more serious home theater in their (nicely finished) basement. Anyone have any good experiences with any of these projectors in that capacity?

I may be slightly prejudice but check out what they say about the HD180 on Amazon.

HD6700 is also very good.

Thanks!! It looks fairly simple to use, which will be a must.

So last week I purchased the Optoma GT200 150 Lumen WVGA LED Projector with Apple 30-Pin Dock and took it camping with me over the weekend.

Hooked it and my laptop up to a small inverter (200w) which I plugged into a cigarette lighter. The laptop was hooked to the projector via a HDMI cable. Projected it onto a queen size bed sheet and it looked great.

The only real quibble I have is that I wish the unit had an audio out jack. The speakers on it are okay but for an image that big, you want bigger sound than the onboard speakers.

But quick question to the staff at Woot… What’s the difference between the Optoma GT200 All-in-One GameTime Portable LED Gaming & Home Theater Projector at $139 and the Optoma GT200 150 Lumen WVGA LED Projector at $149? They look to be the exact same unit. Is the price difference based on one being reconditioned?

One is Factory Reconditioned; the other is New.