The Petit Fatboy Edison Rechargeable Lamp

The Petit Fatboy Edison Rechargeable Lamp

So, I can’t figure out why these are so expensive. A two-pack on the mothership is $184 before tax. Is it because it’s some pretentious design-adjacent type of product? Seems like something like this should be closer to like $30 retail, not $100. Also, the name is dumb and I’d feel a little weird/embarrassed at how ostentatious the pull chain is on these.

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Forget Will Smith GIF

You don’t need to defend a product without question. “Now Brighter: 58.76 Lumens.”
That’s wretchedly awful and the decimal places are worthy of derisive belittlement.

Woot carries some fine products and sometimes at bargain prices. This is not one of those times.
Amazon has plenty of one star product reviews as well. To their credit, Amazon banned 3 companies for faking inflated reviews.

Agreed. Sub 60 lumens is pretty weak, especially for this price. I have two Goal Zero Crush Lights I bought for $20 each and those are rated at 60 lumens a piece. They don’t have some snobby European design pedigree, but they’re very practical and worked well for me when camping and traveling with my dog. I can see where this would be better suited for outdoor dining or patio hangs with friends, but still can’t get over the $100 retail price. It just seems crazy.

Bought 6 of these from Amazon

305 lumens in brightest mode for over a day (stated 70 hours seems optimistic) and140 hours in barely lit energy saver mode. 3 foot drop resistance. At least 9 months in standby mode. Takes 3 D batteries. One of RayoVac’s better products that are worth the $34 (they make a few stinkers too).

Taotronics made a similar item. Not nearly as robust but 1/3 cheaper. Gifted a few of those.

Ok, so I bought one just out of curiousity, but also because I do camp and travel frequently and felt like I would actually use it.

And my first reaction was that it’s pretty underwhelming. It feels so cheap, almost like a plastic milk jug and the light itself is not as warm as I was hoping. It takes freaking forever to charge it, too.

Honestly, I feel a little bit swindled at $50. I can’t imagine what the folks are thinking who are paying $100 retail for this. It’s really a $20-$30 product; tops.

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