Therapeutic Knee Support

No sizing information on the woot listing but I found it here:

"Small: Knee size (circumference): 13”-14.5”
Medium: Knee size (circumference): 14.5”-16”
Large: Knee size (circumference): 16”-17”
2L: Knee size (circumference): 17”-18”

NOTE: If two sizes apply, choose the larger one. Hand washable, do not machine wash. 90% Nylon, 10% polyurethane.

Features: – U-Shaped Kinesiology Tape Structure Provides support to the kneecap to reduce stress on the patellar tendon – Ventilated Breathable Panel Provides ventilation & reduces bunching behind the knee – Knitted Top and Bottom Cuffs Prevents the support from slipping and bunching.

Warning: Do not use if you have a (1) a sprain, fracture or ligament injury, (2) may have a peripheral vascular disorder, (3) abnormality such as injury, blotchiness, rash at site where support is to be worn, or (4) chronic dermatitis/allergy to chemical textile rubber. If you experience any of these, stop using immediately and consult your healthcare professional. Use only as directed. Use correct size. Do not use when sleeping."