things i really love

saturated and trans fats.

Pork Fat Rules!


Anything fried in bacon grease (memories)

McD’s cheezeburgers Catsup only with Friez and bbq sauze AND a Diet coke! Lunch of Champions!!!

Robert Smith

My Family

My Kitties

Diet Coke


Sateen Sheets



Bodies of Water




Now I’m hungry.

Football tomorrow! What should I eat while watching the games?

my family
my furries
my zunes
my bong

British comedies

Pictures of your adorable pets.

Wasn’t that one of your hates too?

That’s right. I really love the Pictures of your adorable pets thread.
I really hate the pictures of your adorable pets.

do you hate the drawings too, or just the photos?

Thursdays. But not just any Thursdays, Manhattan Thursdays!

Pocket crumbsnacks.

My darling daughter, who comes up and gives me random hugs, and says “I love you mom, even if you are old and not with it.” :slight_smile:


C’mon, Joe. What kind of barbarian could hate art?

Although, who could hate a picture of a red thong on a puss…errr…never mind.

the sweet smell of paul simon’s burning flesh