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Can’t spell racist without TSA!


Please read something more than the short MSN blurb. The TSA performed a secondary inspection and found the guy was clear to fly. It was Delta and the Transit police that pushed the issue after he had passed through the TSA security screenings.


Woot, can you please link to Arijit’s blog about it rather than MSN’s ridiculous ‘article’ about it? Please? I’ll buy one of the shirts if you do. (Okay, I’m buying one anyway, but still.)


who doesn’t like a little bit of free national advertising!?

Edit: I agree with meandsecoya, I read the MSN article and you should link elsewhere.

I didn’t see anywhere that the TSA detained him. I find the linking to that MSN story disrespectful. It’s a rude and inaccurate story… I disagree with your wholly legal and constitutionally protected actions, thus I question your intelligence… great article…


The MSN article links to the source article which is Arijit’s blog. I agree that it’s a more interesting read.


I suppose in this era of “news” being about opinion and not reporting facts, that you could assess something being more interesting than another, but the MSN link is both factually inaccurate and derogatory. I think, if you’re going to assert your (Woot!'s) involvement as the shirt marketer, you should stick to linking an actual report of the incident or the original blog post.


I’ve been following his blog very carefully and have made several comments myself.


In for two, I think my friend in the USMC would love to wear this.
Or, I would love to see him wear it, lol.


Link is updated to BoingBoing’s coverage. We were following this story in a few places and looks like we inadvertently linked to MSN’s coverage. Arijit’s account is by far the most detailed read including responses from Delta.


Definitely in for one for my uncle who works both for Flight Safety and as a mechanic for Cotinental. He will probably press his luck and wear it at work sometime!


Bought a couple when it was first released… Buying the bag this time. Thanks for bringing it back, Woot!


My roommate works at an international airport and needs a new lunch bag. SCORE!


Joke. It. Was. A. Joke.


I much perfer “I find it hard to discuss the TSA without invoking Goodwinn’s Law”


My husband said he would wear it everywhere if it wasn’t in red. He’s a little boring and only wears beige & green.


HITLER did it.


As a European I cannot change US politics by voting, but I will wear this shirt whenever I fly to the US from now on.


While the story of the guy being stopped at his plane for wearing this shirt is upsetting, what’s more upsetting is that this isn’t even a very good shirt.

Is there some sort of inside joke I am missing?


A context-aware Brave New World reference…bravo, bravo. :wink: