Tier 1 Refrigerator Water Filters

Do these water filters have a shelf life?

Seems to be mixed reviews at Amazon.

There are many complaints about leaking, and bad taste, but some of the filter varieties have many positive reviews (for example, the GE SmartWater filter has 34 reviews with 3.5 stars, with many positive comments).

The “normal” every day price for these (if you buy the 3 packs) isn’t far off the woot price.

For example, buy 3 of the Samsung replacements @15.50 + $5 shipping, gets you to $52, whereas the every day price is $59 for a 3 pack (with free shipping).

Thank you for your interest.

All sealed refrigerator water filters do not have an expiration date as long as they are dry, kept out of sunlight, and at room temperature.

I’ve been paying $49.99/each for the Samsung branded replacements at Lowes . . . so this is defintely a deal for me!

Bought the GE Smart Water filters last time WOOT offered them. Really disappointed. Water tastes fine, but there is NO water pressure. Tried all the internet fixes but nothing works. Water practically dribbles out.

I purchased 3 of the GE Smart Water Filters (SWF) last time and used only one so far. Water pressure was fine but my wife constantly complains that the water doesn’t taste as good as when using the genuine GE SWF filter. Honestly, I agree, you can taste the chlorine more with the Tier 1 filter. It is almost like it is boosted through the filter. I am going to give them to my neighbors as we almost all have GE refrigerators. Maybe the ones that smoke won’t notice the difference.

I purchased one Tier1 RWF 1060 MWF GE SmartWater Comparable Filter Replacement. The filter SHOULD have worked with my GE SmartWater refrigerator filter, but it didn’t. When holding it up to the original filter, the size was just slightly “off”. Although it seemed to fit, water would never flow through the filter. So much for SAVING money. This one is a loser.

I have tried them both Tier1 and GE ones, pleased with both. Pressure problems with both, but that 's a well known problem in GE fridges.

Too bad there is no deal on the GE MSWF.

I purchased the Tier1 filters for Samsung before (the short/fat one)

I ordered three and all three of them leaked and could not be used at all. You may have better experience but I do not recommend them.

Looks like the discountfilterstore dot com has 3 Maytags for 47.37 with free shipping. Meh.

I bought two of these filters last time woot had them. I tired them last night and both of them leaked. I am out the money i payed.

I bought the Frigidaire model last go around. Definitely does not do as good a job on removing chlorine taste as compared to OEM.

Bought 3 on Black Friday. on my second one now, as the first one turned my fridge into a swimming pool. I plan to use what I have and revert back to OEM.

Bleh. Bought two GE SWF’s last time Woot had them. First one turned the water black (which I assume is carbon filter media?). I ran lots of water through which helped but the taste was awful. I tried it for a week but couldn’t take it.

Installed the second one which actually dispensed clear water, and the taste was somewhat improved, but still not as good as my old five year old OEM filter.

I’ll never buy Tier 1 filters again.

The Tier 1 for Samsung claims to be comparable to the Samsung DA29-00003G, yet states it is NSF/ANSI standard 42. The Samsung DA29-00003G is NSF/ANSI standard 42 AND standard 53 tested, and certified.
NSF/ANSI standard 42 is designed to reduce specific AESTHETIC, or non-health-related contaminants: chlorine, taste, odor, and particulates.
NSF/NASI standard 53 is designed to reduce specific health-related contaminants such as: crytosporidium, giardia, lead, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE).
So, the Tier 1 is NOT really comparable to the Samsung Aqua Pure DA29-00003G at all, except for it being an AESTHETIC water filter. I recommend spending $32.32 at Amazon.com for the Samsung OEM filter, sold & shipped by Amazon. You can also see a little lower price at SamsungParts.com
There are no non-OEM water filters for Samsung refrigerators, that I’ve found, that meet both NSF/ANSI standard 42 AND standard 53.

I got two GE type filters and both leak like the Titanic. I could have bought 1 GE for the same price. Bad filters in my opinion, back to the $40 OEM’s…

Judging by all of the negative reviews I think woot should pull these and send them back to the MFG. I’m putting the 5 in my cart back on the shelf and moving on. Thanks woot victims for the heads up. I’m out!

I bought 4 of these for my Samsung refrigerator. The first one leaked water all over my refrigerator and made the water taste foul (like plastic). I returned all four of them for a refund. Woot refunded my money minus the $5 shipping. I would avoid buying this filters as they are not truly compatible with Samsung refrigerators. As it turns out Lowe’s offers a 20% discount on OEM filters if you bought an extended warranty. I’m going that route.

After all of the negative reviews and returns I’m surprised that Woot put these up again.

I bought three of these the last time around for my LG fridge and I was not impressed.

We don’t have very hard or chlorinated water here, but these filters seem to filter out not-sure-what, leaving the “filtered” output with a very heavy mineral taste.

That’s not what I would expect from a water filter, not even an off-brand replacement.

So I’d keep my hands off these.