Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker

Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker

I almost feel as this is calling my name and not ringing or chirping for being lost. Is the mini key ring tiles included? Nothing sais so on specs but what i see on internet people have them included.

we got one of these for my husband’s wallet. It didn’t come with a mini key ring tile. This is a good price… we paid 30 for one in 2016 and they last about a year. this model is discontinued now.

What do you mean last? Does the support end or the looks of it?

Also, its an okay price I see them opened unused at a competitor with mates or key flobs included just about same price.

I bought some. If these end up not having key mates it will be a pointless push for me to keep them.

Non-replaceable batteries. Must repurchase after about 1yr (manufacturer claims at a discount price).

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Same. There are youtube videos on how to replace batteries in the supposedly “replacable” Tiles, but I’ve had very bad luck.

So, its a device living in the keep consumers paying era. Not the old buy it once and done old school way. Figures… smart from a manufacturing perspective and a complete kick in the face for consumers.


Not even a re-chargeable usb port off course not let’s have buyers purchase new tiles at a fraction of the cost. Why do I feel like I’m getting hustled by a cell phone agreement or actually when I typed “Tiles” spell check wanted to change it to Tires which makes sense.


Years ago manufacturers would design products to last now its about that thin line between warranty and failure after warranty that they test and test to configure it accordingly. Put resistors, chips, and such that will fail. Not quality but quantity.

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Let’s not forget where all the “tiles” that are being replaced end up. I have to wonder if this manufacturer gives a damn enough to offer a free return so they can dispose of them responsibly. Or at least lie to us and tell us they will.

I love my Tiles, but no easily replaceable battery? I’ll pass. I will stick to the Tile Mates I have instead. Easy to replace the CR2032 batteries in those.


I believe the battery isn’t replaceable on this model.

Yes, that’s what I’m hearing or very difficult sorta like the non replicable smartphone batteries. Luckily I bought a pack with mates as well. So I probably will either sell or return the slim tiles.

I have the Tile Key holder thing (shaped like a pocketknife, only with keys instead of blades). It’s USB-rechargeable, and I simply plug it in overnight when my calendar reminder comes up. That one rocks.

This one sucks.

I’d pay A LOT for a finder that was rechargeable AND did not require a cellphone to activate…

Well well links would help or are you just trying to push something you deal heavily with if so woot doesn’t like nor take kindly to such activity. Either way I bought from here and from a competitor. Hopefully both have mates since those seem decent with a easily replaceable battery. The Slims might be okay to but won’t know until i see in person. Since, the last time I lost my wallet it actually wasn’t lost but I ended up replacing everything and than when discovered inside mother-in-laws couch which she said she looked for it so I never did look. Anyway her friend my Dads roommate said he was playing a joke when she saw him acting as he was going to take the money from it. Let’s just say i really never trusted him but I for sure don’t trust him now. Anyway it all could’ve been avoided if I had some sort of finder device in it. So these could potentially be priceless for me and save me lots of frustration in the future. Thankfully I no longer smoke and don’t forget much like I use too. I swore it was over at her house but she lead me to believe it wasn’t when I was there looking for it. If your a guy who uses a wallet best advice don’t where pants or shorts without enough fuking pockets to hold everything comfortably, know who you can really trust or invest in something like this.

Bizarre ramble. Love it!

This is one product that would be difficult to make with battery replacement options, or make rechargeable.
It’s utility is based heavily on it’s size. It needs to be as slim/small as possible to be desirable. There is no way (today) to configure a USB charging port into something so slim. Wireless charging seems possible but probably would increase the price prohibitively right now. Also, it probably needs to be sealed to make it durable, therefore battery replacement would outweigh the reliability and lifespan…

My USB-rechargeable Tile Key holder doesn’t seem to believe you.

Once a month I plug it into any standard (current) USB jack overnight. NBD.