TomTom 5" GPS Navigator w/ Lifetime Maps

Has anyone else purchased a refurb or open box unit like this and found out that it doesn’t include lifetime maps? Apparently the maps expire after 3 months for these. Mine is a 1505 like this one.

I have this unit in the LTM version that adds traffic and cameras. It’s a great GPS, compact and the integrated flip out mount is genious-no more storing a bulky mount or losing a key piece. Mine did not come with a case and I got a hard case at Amazon that fits perfectly (Amazon basics brand). As far as the lifetime maps-if they truly are not included then that’s a deal breaker and the copy here is misleading at best. I did have to email TomTom for another one of mine and after providing proof of purchase they gave me a code and honored the lifetime maps.

Had 2 TomToms in the past. Horrible. HORRIBLE! There is a flaw (check discussion boards) that makes them mis-direct constantly. They will tell you to “keep right”, “stay in the right lane”, only to tell you in the next breath “Stay in the right lane and then TURN LEFT 500 FEET AHEAD!” wAIT, WHAT???!! called their tech people. Um, re-load the maps dude. Nothing. Um, ya dude, delete the maps then re-load. I did that the last time but OK, did it again. Again, stay right problem still there. Lifetime updates yet roads not added. Stay away. I have a Garmin again now and will always get Garmins.

Hey all, we’ve confirmed that the model we’re selling has lifetime maps.

Garmin more like Charmin cause they’re not worth the wipe.

I have one that does not have lifetime map updates which btw cost as much as the device did.

Also doesn’t show redlight cameras and other things the nifty Tom Toms do.

I got my mother a new Garmin and it does do a lot since it came with life time traffic and maps. The traffic updates every 30 or 60 seconds vs 5 or 10 minutes like the older garmins did. I prefer the newer lane guidence and 3d images on Garmin vs other GPS as I was a Courier and it helped a lot when I was in an area I was not familar with.

Here is what garmin states about red light and other kinds of camers:

Dude, that HD traffic antenna power cable costs more than this GPS.

Bought a 5" TomTom a few years back on woot, but it didn’t come with map updates. I refuse to update because 1 year of updates on that one costs $66 (and that’s a 33% off sale price). So, for $11 less I can have a newer model with free maps for life?
But do I really need it?