Top Secret Nutrition 100% Whey Protein

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Top Secret Nutrition 100% Whey Protein
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3/24/2014 - $19.99 - 23 comment(s)

Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at


Let’s check out the product page

Body building has some good reviews

I’ve started having fruit smoothies for breakfast, and a friend recommended putting some protein in it to balance out all the sugar. Would this work for that purpose? Does the “mocha boost” mean this is coffee flavored?

Nutrition information on this seems sparse. Cholesterol info anyone?

this is mocha flavored protein mix.
so if you want to add a chocolate taste to your smoothies, then get it.

You may want to find some flavor free protein mix. usually mocho or vanilla that come sin this form.

I ordered this the last time it came along.

I haven’t made a milkshake or put it into coffee, but I do like it in plain Cream of Wheat. I also recently made a sort of healthier no-bake with PB, ground flax/chia, whey powder, honey, and chocolate chips and it is flipping amazing.

I shall now ponder whether to buy this again now or wait in the hopes it loops through again when I’m closer to being out.

What? No curds to go with this whey?

What a rip! What next, the spider won’t show up?


Okay, so now that the silly joke is out of my system, in all seriousness would this be something that could be useful to someone who is trying to lose weight through calorie control and lots of walking and moderate exercise? (Doctor’s orders)


Can’t do chocolate… maybe vanilla next time?

Not the cleanest or leanest protein mix out there, but probably ok for a pre-workout mix, especially since it contains a little caffeine.

It depends. The reason products like whey protein are called supplements is because they’re used to supplement your diet. If you have a rather high daily protein requirement then you can consume a scoop of whey protein instead of eating some other source of protein. This helps if you’re required to eat a lot like if you were bulking (which you aren’t).

If you’re trying to lose weight (especially if it’s a significant amount) then exercise and placing yourself in a daily caloric deficit are what you should be focusing on first. You may find that you don’t need to buy protein supplements because you can meet your daily protein requirements without them.

Thanks for the information. My weight and BP are too high for my doctor’s liking. She has put me on a calorie restricted diet with lots of walking to lose weight.

I’m looking for anything that will give me an edge in fighting my “battle of the bulge.” If this won’t be any use to me, since I’m not an athlete, I’ll just stick to my vitamin tablets, BP meds and healthy diet.

Thanks again.