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Topics DVD Collector’s Sets [New] - $1.29 + $5 shipping shipping

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mmm this is gonna take a while!

Elephant Gift Anyone?

Yay something to BBQ with my skewers

Sweet! I’ve been waiting for these!

How can such interesting topics be made to look so boring?

Guess there was only one camp mat…

whiskey tango foxtrot


<3 Woot!

It’s kind of funny watching everybody bitch about what’s coming up on these Woots, but they’re selling out pretty quickly. Maybe they aren’t as lame as you think.

(Haven’t found anything I want yet, but I can at least see the point of many of em)

This is hilarious

They want about $1.29 too much for these

$1.29 for a set of coasters? SOLD!

Do old people even use woot? Who gonna buy dis 'cept oldies?

For anyone who doesn’t watch the History Channel at 3 am


What’s a DVD?

in for 3! my parents love crap like this!

ugh … how about another radar detector