Toshiba 300W Audio Base w/ Wireless Sub

New with a 90 day warranty?

That is not a warranty, that is a warning!

What’s a more typical warranty for something like this? I thought ninety days for electronics was pretty standard.

I thought California had a law that electronics come with a 1 year warranty. 90 Days is usually a warranty on a refurb.

Hey all. I checked around a few other sites and they all showed a 90-day warranty for new, including Toshiba’s spec sheet for this model.

Can this be wall-mounted? It doesn’t say and there is no mention of a bracket being included. Anyone know?

Anyone find a detailed review on this?

I was wondering that too, but judging by the back photo, I really don’t think that it can be. It’s also pretty wide and would stick out from the wall quite a ways if it could be, it would seem.

I looked at the manual (see the link in my previous post) and there’s no mention of wall mounting. You might be able to shelf mount it.

From Consumer Reports:

"This 2.1-channel soundbase-style speaker system from Toshiba, which serves as a base for your TV, delivers good overall sound, so non-critical listeners will probably find it sufficient for music and movie playback. Designed for TVs with screens up to 50 inches, the ABX3250 has a pair of HDMI inputs, Bluetooth wireless technology for playing music from a phone or tablet, and a remote control. Unlike many soundbase-style soundbars, this model comes with a wireless subwoofer.

Detailed test results

Sound quality: Toshiba’s ABX3250 Audio Base had good sound quality. Bass has good impact but is a bit tubby, and deep bass is lacking. Midrange is fairly even, and treble has good extension, but is noticeably recessed. This model sounds congested, compressed, lacks fine detail and treble air, and doesn’t do a good job of recovering room ambience (the sense of the acoustic space where the recording was made). When activated, the surround mode feature increases the apparent height and width of the soundstage, but makes the sound more echoey and boomy. The soundbase can provide satisfying volume in a medium-sized room.

Ease of use: The sound base is very easy to set up, and the console controls were judged good overall. We found the remote control features and ease of use to be very good overall."

It was ranked 12th among all soundbars (most were more expensive models), scoring 52 with the highest ranking sound bar earning a 65.

I still have yet to truly understand why people buy these audio base’s over a traditional sound bar. I can’t imagine that the WAF is any greater on these than it would be with the traditional sound bars. That said, I’ve had really good luck with the Toshiba products that I’ve bought. I have a 42" full HD LCD Toshiba TV that I bought in 2007. It’s rather no-frills, but still hanging in there, has had a TON of hours on it, and hasn’t ever had the bulb replaced. Of course I probably jinxed myself by saying that. Anyway, the point is, while I haven’t heard this audio base, I noticed several people worried about longevity. Speaking from my experience with the company (I also own a Satellite laptop of theirs) they have been very good quality. Obviously experiences will differ.

Now, all of that hot air and lipservice out of the way, I’ll tell you what I really like about this unit. It has a pretty small foot print. Just over 2 feet wide and under a foot deep. This thing is compact for an audio base. I also really like the connectivity options on the back. 2 HDMI inputs plus 1 HDMI output for pass through of video, 2 digital optical inputs, a 3.5mm input, and an RCA input. You will NOT find that on almost any soundbar. In fact that might be the most I’ve ever seen on a unit like this. What I dislike about it, and it probably cancels out one of my pros, is the width of the unit. You won’t likely get a very grand sound stage with only 2 feet of separation (less than that, really) between your left and right channel. So there you have it, my 3 cents.

I definitely endorse Toshiba based upon my other experiences with them, and I like the connectivity options. Seems like a fairly solid deal for better sound out of your TV.

Yes, try Amazon. Great reviews.