Toshiba 8" Portable DVD Player with Car Kit



ewww refurbished :frowning:


BOOOOO, no Bandolier of Carrots!


Wootoff! KILLER!

Buy 3, please?


Wow. I’m confused


I’ve been tricked! I thought an mp3 player was coming up! screw this I am going to bed!


whats the over/under on Daper Dan quotes?


where’s the bag of crapp??


belongs in the boc


dammit i wanted the mp3 player i was all ready to buy and go to sleep


What happened to the mp3 player!?!


i don’t know about you but i feel a good hour of listing to the wootcast over and over again in my near future till the next one comes… :slight_smile:


Wow last time this was up in a wootoff it took a while. Everyone can go asleep this will be here in the morning.


Nap time…I figure this will take 4 hours to sell out like the last woot-off.


san sir


I just bought one of these! Great product but com on with the bag of carp!




w00t REFURBY r0XorZ! However, “For me, it’s solar or nothing.”




Save time from refreshing and most of all save woot! some bandwidth.

Try it You’ll Like It :slight_smile:

Woot! Tracker
Woot! Tracker