Toshiba Core i7 Laptop with Blu-ray

**Item: **Toshiba Core i7 Laptop with Blu-ray
Price: $479.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Reviews and product page for A665-S5184

Good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) on the A665-S5184 over at amazon

Not sure which processor is right for you? Check out the handy processor guide

2nd Gen Intel? We are already on the 4th Gen…

Things I like about these computers:

  1. They have good processors for multitasking (for second gens ayway) etc. Good workhorse compooters.
  2. Good sized hard drive (better than my laptop!).
  3. USB 3.0!! much faster (like 10x) than a 2.0! (theres only one 3.0 for each comp btw)
  4. And ofcourse blu ray is always a plus!
  5. Also, dont tell anyone, but i secretly still love Windows 7 more than 8.

Things im not as crazy about.

  1. A665-S6100 Only has a 6 cell battery which is a bummer since bigger screens need more power on the go!
  2. I’m not crazy about Integrated graphics, especially HD3000 (HD4000 is much better on the charts). This really wouldnt cut it for high demanding games.
  3. Ram - need to upgrade from 6 to 8gb.
  4. Resolution - 1366 x 768

Probably good for general all around use (internet, videos, movies, low demanding games,, school, kitteh pictures, etc). But once again, they arent suitable for the regular gamer (unless you enjoy losing/lagging!)

Oh forgot to mention - the price seems rather steep to me… /shrug


Let’s read this “good” review on the A665-S6100 over at

really hd3000? honestly should be priced lower with only a 3000 in them.

Yep that’s what I was thinking. Needs some dedicated graphics love at that price

I have a similar model to this.


  • Core i7, even if gen 2Sandy Bridge, is great for multitasking. Won’t bog down during a copy from hard disk to SD card, unlike Core i5.
  • Can download multiple files to SD card (to save on hard disk wear) and still be able to do someething else
  • very fast movie transcoding (this is what Intel designed Core i7 for)
  • USB 3.0 transfer is typically 4 times faster than USB 2.0, when USB 3.0 port is working


  • touchpad buttons suck, you may have to press multiple times to activate button
  • my unit goes into sleep mode even though I’ve turned off all sleep/eco options
  • flat keyboard keys suck, way inferior to Lenovo ThinkPads
  • USB ports too closely spaced together
  • only 1 USB 3.0 port, had problems with powered USB 3.0 hub
  • does not play Blu-Rays on externally connected VGA monitor
  • glossy screen has distracting reflections
    Windows cons found in all laptops

Windows problems common to many laptops

  • Windows takes away too much disk space for C:\ if you partition hard disk into multiple logical hard disks
  • Windows behaves erratically without warning, if you go into sleep or hibernate, and don’t power down or restart at least once a week.

What’s the point of a Blu-Ray player with a crappy 1366 x 768 display?

Last I checked, disk I/O involves nearly zero intervention from the CPU. If you have noticed a difference in disk performance between these two machines using these two series of CPU’s it wasn’t due to the CPU itself.

Just my 2¢

I don’t even get this one. What’s the use case for blu-ray on a low-res laptop?

I had one of those Toshiba Satellites, no Blu-Ray, but otherwise even slightly better in spec: it had the NVIDIA 330M instead of Intel HD.

While it ran Borderlands 1 just fine, it choked on almost all versions of 3DMark, and after 6 months the mainboard burned out after an extended gaming session. As I got an open box demo there’s no warranty. F*** me.

Right now I’m running a Dell XPS 17… Original Core i7 (1st gen) with NVIDIA 445M. 2 HD’s, 14GB of RAM. For CHEAPER than I paid for the Toshiba (got it cheap off eBay). Yes, I know it’s old, but it runs most games fine.

As this is merely personal experience, YMMV. These Toshibas are NOT game machines. Don’t treat them as such.

One of our laptops is an earlier version of this Toshiba A-series (step up from the cheaper model lines), ours is also the odd-sized 16 incher.

The thing is a tank. It takes a beating and just cranks away. We’d get another one without hesitation.

In fact of the 5 Toshiba laptops we’ve owned, unlike our HP’s, none of them have died - the oldest ones have simply become OS-obsolescent.

If you’re hungry for Windows 7, this would be a decent way to get into it at this point in the Windows 8 game.

A bit odd that the less expensive model has twice the battery. (Doesn’t specify the mAh rating of the batteries, but it is 12 cell vs 6 cell.)

For $20 savings, the double sized battery of the smaller choice seems like a no-brainer whilst admittedly giving up 140GB of harddrive space and 0.6 inch of display.

To the why would you want a Blu-ray drive with a 1366 x 768 display questions… because you have Blu-ray discs.

This pricing for a 2nd gen i7 CPU does raise a question tho - for similar money you can almost get into to a 3rd/4th gen i7 and you can find current gen i5 CPUs. But those will likely come with Windows 8 if that matters. (Wouldn’t to me.)

Odd that that these are showing up so late, but perhaps this is Woot’s attentiveness to the “I prefer Windows 7” folks. Shouldn’t complain in that case!

a 16" screen with 1366x768 screen? Seriously?
My 10 years old Powerbook had the same resolution, and that was 10 years ago.

The reason why they put such a crappy screen is because they all have a crappy GPU. If they put a larger screen it’ll run slow.

On the other hand, it has Windows 7, that’s a plus (vs. that horrible Win8).

I agree with other posts: those laptops should be in the lower $400-300.