Totes McGoats

Oh, lordy. I got super confused the first time I saw “totes” used as slang for “totally”. Now there’s a goat involved for the sake of a nonsense rhyme?

Is 35 too young to be standing out on the front porch shaking my cane at the damn kids on my lawn?


Yo dawg, I heard you like goats, so I put a goat on your tote so you can tote your goat with a goat tote!

I think the Totes MaGoats in Germany are screaming, now.

In for post spam but when I went to order the tote, I was both surprised and excited to be able to order it in so many sizes, then realized they were all greyed out. DAMMIT.


Thanks a lot Woot.
I just placed an order yesterday that I have to hide from my husband and now I’ll have to do it again…

The Tee is Totes Adorable with the Totes McGoat on the Tee, it should be worn wearing the Totes Tee, carrying the Totes Tote, while walking a goat with a man with a Goatee.

You would be cray cray totes unhappy if someone cut your McGillies.

Is it a meme? A saying? A TV commercial? Why is he in a pocket?

:feels 100 years old:

Heck yeah. Gonna go find a goat now.


AHHHHH! If you had this in a larger size (I am a fluffy mama) I would have bought this in a heartbeat. I have plenty of totes. Le sigh.

And to answer the question–have none of you seen the phone (sprint?) commercial with THE James Earl Jones and Malcolm MacDowell and they are talking like 2 teens texting?

TOTES MAGOATS FOREVER!!! Because if Darth Vader says it, you KNOW it is cool.

Oh here:


I first heard it on the movie “I Love You Man”.


So, if I guess if you wear this, you’ll be the hottest hottie that ever hottied?


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It’s great that I can still order this as a tshirt, but what should I do if I NEED THE TOTE BAG?!

Make more tote bags!

How did I miss the tote bags?! I missed the tote bags! Noooooo!

Must have bag! Couldn’t order on my phone, stupid through Facebook link wouldn’t load in Safari. Can’t have bag? No bags left? Sad!

I’m confused by your post. Does it come as a tote or not?