Totes McGoats


Ochopika strikes again with irresistible cuteness!

Cheerful. Had to hit up Urban Dictionary to see what I was missing and it didn’t totally put me off slanguage so that’s a win.


That tote is Totes Magoats.

The only way this could be more perfect is if it were printed on an actual goat!!!

Before I even saw what was written on the design, I saw the goat. I love goats, and I hoped dearly that it was available as a tote (I can’t wear t-shirts at work, so I don’t buy them often).

Y’all managed to make my night. Thanks, Woot and Ochopika!

Pocket Tee’s look great on a monitor. Can anybody comment on how realistic they look on an actual shirt? Soo much awwwww

Can you fit a pygmy goat in the tote?

It appears so.

I make prototype

or a dozen pygmy teacup goats?

I’d like a Totes McGoats tote so I can tote my goat.

Like this?

That is one smug-looking goat.

Awww he’s adorable, nice one!

As a german, this T-Shirt is very creepy:
Totes in german means death…
So dead McGoats…, no not really funny

This shirt is amazeballs! It’s cray cray adorbs.

Surprised this meme has not yet merged with the screaming goat.

I would Totes-McGoats buy this if it were an actual pocket-tee with the printed goat printed as to be coming up out of the pocket.