Touchless Electric Hand Dryer in White

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Touchless Electric Hand Dryer in White
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Home Depot Reviews

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That’s a pretty expensive hair dryer with a motion detector attached here.

How does this one compare to a Exlerator?

Knowing my son, this would become the messiest urinal ever…

Not as loud as others. Does the job - quickly dries my hands. I like how I can change the air heat - hot or cold and the strength of the air speed - low, med, high. The drip tray is also great since I don’t like water stains on my light green painted walls. The Air Towel is very stylish!

The appliance everyone hates…
/wipes hands on pants

Now you can not dry your hands at home!

Those Home Depot and Lowes reviews read like they’re written by shills.

There is no E at the beginning of Xlerator. Anyway, I love the X in terms of getting the job done but it’s pretty loud. The drip tray in this one looks like a useful feature.

Where do people install these? Are they for home or business?