TracFone LG Reflect Prepaid Smartphone

TracFone LG Reflect Prepaid Smartphone

Does anyone know if I would have to activate a monthly plan for this phone once I recieve it or can I just buy the phone and use it strictly only over wifi??

I just want to use it over wifi to replace an older spare phone I’ve been using which is now starting to lag(it’s 7 years old now). This seems like it may be a good replacement. I just need the phone but not the phone plan…

I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to purchase it and not use it as a WiFi only device.

Went to their website, you cannot find the details of their plans. When you click the link to choose a plan, you have to put in your phone number first. Basically they are saying, sign up first, then we’ll tell you what the plans cost.

I’ve used TracFone for 8 years without problems. Am on my third smartphone, mostly due to needing more storage. This model is 32GB which I’d consider to be the minimum one would need.

Regarding their plans: I have so many minutes accumulated that I no longer buy the “plan”, but go directly to the add on section where I choose extra texts & GB extra data. In that section they also have the option of 365 extra service days for $49.99 which is what I have been using for several years now. So I pay the $49.99 annually and then go online & buy the added data & texts when I need them. Also, the airtime cards for sale at retailers cost a lot more per minute than buying online on the TracFone site.

Also, I still have my previous two phones attached to my account, but they aren’t activated. I have them as backup devices to use over WiFi. Limited by their lack of storage (8 & 16 GB) and outdated android, but they still can access Google Play without problem.