Twisted Root Design Top Quilt or Under Quilt

Can someone explain what this is? It looked like a sleeping bag.

If you use a hammock, and a sleeping bag, the part of the sleeping bag you lay on gets compressed. When a sleeping bag is conpressed, it reduces it’s insulation value way down. You end up with insulation on top of you, and nothing below you. Since you’re hanging in the air, that air below you makes you really , really cold. We call it CBS. Cold Butt Syndrome.

When you’re on the ground in a tent, you generally use a sleeping pad, which provides insulation. You can use a sleeping pad in a hanmock, but it isn’t ideal.

This is where the top quilt and under quilt comes in. Think of a top quilt as a sleeping bag without a back. A blanket with a space to tuck your feet into. Since a sleeping bag gets compressed in a hammock, a top quilt just takes away this compressed area. The under quilt then hangs below the hammock. It’s snugged up tight to the hammock so your backside is wrapped with insulation. Because it’s below the hammock, your weight isn’t compressing it. Now you have insulation on top and bottom.

Bonus is that you don’t have to try to wrangle yourself into a sleeping bag and zip it up. You just lay in the hammock, and have a lot more freedom to move around.

A top quilt and underquilt combination is the gold standard for hammock insulation. It’s what every serious hammock camper uses. I won’t tell you this woot is the best top quilt and underquilt combo, but it’s certainly one of the most affordable. For a high quality quilt set, it’s nothing to spend $500. This set being about $75 isn’t a bad way to get started.

Just received mine. Seems to be okay, the foot box is enclosed with snaps and Velcro, wish it didn’t have the Velcro (zipper?) but I will have to deal with it. Not sure what would be better but the first time I slipped my feet in the snap let go ad the Velcro let go. I am slightly worried about rolling over in the middle of the night and getting cold feet.

Is the underquilt already sold out?

Yes, it is sold out.