Ty Caton Three-Pack Sampler - UPDATED

Okay folks: assuage my regret-o-meter!

The first pack was better, right?

yes. 15.7% merlot? seriously? and from 06? wtf?

Wow. That’s one hot young merlot.

… and now I feel vaguely dirty.

1, 2, or 3 year cellar aging on the Merlot?

P.s. I replied to Lowellllll… do I get a cookie? (GET IT?! PS!! HAHAHA)

For all you gifters out there, we can purchase more sets of this.

Okay so what’s the varietal blend on that Merlot? 75% Merlot/25% Syrah looked really tasty on the 2004.

So winefarm, how exactly does this Merlot compare to the other Merlot? Also, what are the blend percentages since the main page doesn’t list any details about it?

100% alcohol.

Thanks for you patience on this. Seems to be have been a slight miscalculation on the quantity of 04 Merlot.

By comparison, 04 is ready now. 06 you are going to want to lay it down for a while as it was just released. but according to Ty it is a worthy successor. (they did not make an 05).

So if I went in on the original and then emailed service to up my order but haven’t yet heard back… we’ll get 2 cabs, 2 tytanium, and 1 of each merlot?

Thanks WD & winegirl - way to take care of us…!

You could just grab one of this to be safe and then be pleasantly surprised as to whether you get 2 or 3 sets.

Any input from winegirl on the '06 Merlot (other than what WD said)? I wanted to actually gift a set to my cousin and his wife, but only got my own before the sellout.

Post for posterity, with all due respect to Corrado who is probably busy at work.

Ty Caton Three-Pack Sampler - UPDATED
$56.99 + $5 shipping

gifting: Available (and fixed.)
condition: Red
1 Ty Caton 2004 TyTanium
1 Ty Caton 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon
1 Ty Caton 2006 Upper Bench Merlot

Not sure I have the Merlot CT link quite right but it sounds like this is a special designation Merlot from their Estate Vineyard so I created it as such.

Folks, if it isn’t obvious, this is considered a different offering by the woot system. All ordering records start from zero. If you ordered three of the last offer, it doesn’t matter; go ahead and order three more now!

Ya know, I wasn’t actually considering buy this updated set until you just told me to do so. Yes I was sure I could, but I actually wasn’t going to. But now you’ve told me to do so, and the thought has started to dig its way into my brain. Though I’ll force myself to wait until at least after I get home tonight which will be after midnight EST before I let my brain attempt to focus on it again, which might be a bad thing because with the late hour and the could hours of beach volleyball on ice cold sand the brain might not function well enough to prevent me from actually purchasing again.

(so how’d ya like that sentence? :wink:)

You don’t know how tempting that sounds. I got in for 3 on the first offering… but I just can’t go in again… especially after dropping 900 bones on building a new PC this week. I’d love to jump in for another 3x3… but I’m gonna have to hold out and see if Wednesday’s offering is just as tempting.

I can’t do it, I had a wholly inappropriate joke for this. But I’ll refrain.

Okay, I just got the numbers hot off the press (or phone, should I say)

The varietal make-up of the 2006 Merlot is:

76% Merlot
10% Syrah
14% Petite Sirah

i just tasted this wine this AM (it’s such a tuff job) and will definately recommend that it lay down for 3-6 months. The longer the better. No doubt it will hold up to Ty standards when ready.

Hey Low, will this satisfy your PS craving?