Ty Caton Three-Pack Sampler

Ty Caton Three-Pack Sampler
$56.99 + $5 shipping
Red (should be TyTannic!)
1 Ty Caton 2004 TyTanium
1 Ty Caton 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon
1 Ty Caton 2004 Merlot

Link are to CellarTracker.

I’ve been waiting for more Ty Caton! I’m in & to heck with my budget… :slight_smile:

Only had one Tytanium left from the last time offered, so in for 3 and can drink the one I have this week.

Woohoo! Ty Caton! One of hubby’s and my all-time faves, and today’s our first anniversary! Thanks for a great gift, WD. The only thing that could make it better would be some labrat action! hint, hint

The Ty Caton web site, just in case any of you forgot.

What’s with the lag time on the forums? The offer was up for a couple of minutes before the forum showed.


Back to San Diego from Napa for 2 hours, and now I have to stare at this? Come on! I just bought 11 bottles and joined a wine club, I cannot afford this.

Will be impossible to hold off … .arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

It’s always Ty-riffic…

Ok… bedtime for Laura after bad bad pun.

Haven’t met a Ty wine I haven’t liked.

I haven’t ordered much, but I check all the time for new stuff… this wine is recommended?

Yay for Ty Caton!

BOOOOOO for no TCPS. We PSychos are a vengeful bunch, and demand an tribute offering of TCPS to appease our anger!

Grr…I should have had 1st sucker…damned address didn’t match up for my billing address because I changed it to my new address. Had to change it back to my old one for the order to go through. Double Grr…

Mmmm. Ty Caton, my favorite wine.woot ever.

Ironic–I enjoyed the ty caton so much that whenever I finished it off I joined their club a few weeks ago. There is going to be an abundance soon.

In for 3! I love Ty Caton, have been more judicious in my wooting lately, and we leave for Mexico Thursday am so might miss that offering (though I guess if I log in Wed. night I will catch it…)

Ty Caton was my first woot. The TyTanium was awesome! Anyone on the fence should spring for this. :slight_smile:

Like the copy reads…check back on Thursday am for a new Ty Caton deal…perhaps your PS will be offered then.

EDIT: According to their website, the '04 PS is sold out. Bummer.

Wow, fantastic deal from a boutique winery. It’s like 3 for the price of 1! Prices on the winery website for comparison:

Ty Caton 2004 TyTanium: $49
Ty Caton 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon: Unknown (2004 is on site for $42)
Ty Caton 2004 Merlot: $37

Great deal Woot!

Wow what a bargain! From the webiste:

2004 TyTanium = $49
2003 Cabernet Sauvignon = $40
2004 Merlot = $37

TOTAL = $126 (before shipping!)

are the drinking windows/cellaring time new? I likey.

I’m in! Mmm, can’t wait… now, to hit up Central Market for a nice cheese!

Too many have been too favorable about Ty in the past for me to be in for anything less than three. Here’s hoping for some awesome wine :).