Cool design.

Hey all. There are some instances when the size chart won’t load. We’re aware of the issue and are working on it.

In the meantime, here’s a direct link if you need it.

Size Chart

Click the image for a bigger look at the art and the different styles of hand lettering:


Thanks for featuring this today woot and the big side sale. (More new shirts!)

Love it. Can’t wait to wear it to my weekly Pokemon lunch Thursdays that I host in my classroom.

I ordered 4 shirts which I love, received 2 of them but they are too small. I imagine that the other 2 will be too. How do I send them back. Cannot find a phone number for Woot to get a return label.

What a cool design- I can see this being OFFICIAL merchandise=

I just checked out your Video Game Side Sale and realized I own 6 of them already- haha Spiritgreen game shirts are apparently my weakness.

congrats! on congrats in your side sale! its

dynamite comment…

Thanks very much guys! Can’t believe it’s been around 20 years, roll on Sun/Moon.