U.S. Army Knives

8 or 9 ounces, good lord. Plus, they appear to be made in China.

That’s just what we need. Chinese made pocket knives with the good and honorable names of our armed forces on them. :frowning:

So the knife isn’t that great - 400 steel, heavy, etc - but to knock it because it’s not US made?

Isn’t the US Army’s sidearm, the M9, from Italy, and the M11 from Switzerland? And the HK MP5 (a SEAL, SWAT favorite) and MP7 from Germany, and the MK20 sniper rifle from Belgium.

As for vehicles, the M93 Fox is German, RG31 and RG33 are South African.

All the above and more are part of the US Army inventory.

Back to the knife, like I wrote, it’s 400 steel, heavy, and has the US Army logo stamped on it so I don’t think these are more marketing pieces and even giveaways than anything tactical. And it’s $10!

are these open assisted knives ? they have the node sticking out the back like assisted knives have

When the knife is closed, the bump on the blade coming out of the spine is referred to as a “Carson Flipper.” When you push down on that, it helps open the blade.

That does not have to involve any springs or other “assisstive” technology; it is more like a thumb hole that just helps you apply force.

thanks for the info on the name but the assist knives I’ve used do have some kind of tension assist in them… was using one over the weekend and when you push that “Carson flipper” it opened on it’s own ! and while closing it you could feel the tension bar !