UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Speaker

UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Speaker

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I picked up a couple when they were listed in September (for $5 more with fewer color options). The sound is really quite good, and I like that they can be linked for stereo. I think they’re definitely worth $50.

I bought one of these from Amazon for full price ($300 at the time) back in Nov 2015 because I needed a speaker I could use in the shower.

I’ve submerged it in a hot-tub, while playing music, and pulled it out to the tunes still going. I take it in the shower every other day still to play music while I’m scrubbing. Have run it under the sink just to show people it keeps working.

On top of all that, I haven’t noticed a significant change in how long the battery lasts. Using it an hour or two in the mornings, and in the evening to fall asleep to something soothing, it will typically last a week and a half before it needs a recharge. This is after having it for a little over 4 years.

The sound quality isn’t the best you’ll find out of a portable Bluetooth speaker. For $50 though, it’s pretty hard to beat. I considered getting the UE MegaBlast when they came out, but heard to many iffy things and opted not to. At this price, I’m tempted to get several more of these and link them all together, but I have too many speakers at home as is . Most rooms in my house already have an Echo Gen 1 from past Woot deals.

All that said, it’s a great speaker, I don’t regret buying it even at the price point I did, and unless there’s something I’m unaware of out there that’s comparable and in the same range, this is a good deal.


I bought one of these a few years ago, very happy with it. This is a great price.

I bought this last sale and now, I’m very happy with it. But I wasn’t happy with the treble sound when I first got it. Then I upgraded the software on it, and it sounds so much better!

So if you buy this speaker download the Ultimate Ears Boom app on your phone and upgrade the speaker’s firmware. You’ll be super happy that you did!

The upgrade also gave me the ability to remotely power the speaker on or off. Supercool.

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These speakers are the real deal. I’ve had a couple for years now. Battery life is spectacular, sound quality is surprisingly good, not just decent, but good, esp if you pair up a couple of them. Easily worth the $50 each. What I really like about them is they fit perfectly in a water bottle cage on my bike - road tunes.

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