Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Smart Deadbolt

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Smart Deadbolt

Anybody else go immediately to Youtube and see if the LockpickingLawyer or Bosnianbill had done a video on this? (Neither has)

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I recommend NOT buying this. I had 3 of them within 2 months and all 3 failed. The first one drained through 4 AA batteries in 3 weeks. The second one would randomly lose connection and I would be unable to unlock the door from my phone and the fingerprint worked 20% of the time. The third one never worked from the get go.

This is just my experience, but these things caused me and my wife so much headache and stress wondering if we’d be able to unlock our door. I’ll never purchase a product from U-Tec again.


I bought the older model of this (no thumbprint) from Woot last time it was available. When I first got this, I had a lot of issues with it not working properly. Since then, they came out with a firmware update and that seemed to fix all my issues. Now the lock works really well. Overall I’m very happy with it and my roommate loves using the keypad to access the house.

I have been looking for a deadbolt lock to work with Alexa (which this one claims to do) Can anyone tell me what “Ultraloq Bridge is required” means? Is another piece of equipment needed or is that a setup thing?

Hi there. According to the comparison table on Amazon, the Ultraloq Wi-Fi Bridge gives you remote control and the ability to work with Alexa/Google/IFTTT, sand share codes.



that article states that one of the vulnerabilities has already been fixed. The other vulnerabilities are picking, which is possible with any lock. Or a mechanical bypass which would require someone to have opne of these locks in hand to design and make the tool needed to bypass them. You have bend a paperclip/pin in the right shape and know where to place it and how to move it to unlock the lock.

Basically, if someone wants in your house bad enough, theyre gonna ge tin. Its alot faster and easier to break a window or kick a door in. Nobody is going to waste their time trying to bypassthis lock by brute forcing your bluetooth pin either.

This lock isnt any worse than any other electronic lock these days.

FWIW, I’ve had SimpliSafe for 5 years now. I had some startup problems (one bad unit, IIRC), but after that it’s been smooth, reliable sailing.

One of the best features that they never advertise is how they fail when the battery is low. SimpliSafe will become iffy unless I’m right up close, which means I have another week or so of use - good warning. Ideal of course would be a flashing LED to let me know, or a changed “unlock” tone.

I’d really like to find a digital timed lock, so I could lock the pantry door after 9pm to discourage snacking. Haven’t been able to find that, although they sell time-locked containers that can hold keys.

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