Um, where is my order?

My name is Mike and I placed an order for the Memorex HDMI cables (three in fact). I never received them. I have called FedEx and they told me to call you guys. I have e-mailed you TWICE and received immediate auto-responses back saying you’ll be in touch within 24 hours. It’s been almost three days since my last e-mail. I still have yet to hear from you.

I would appreciate you contacting me as soon as possible to rectify this situation. I typically am not one to donate to charities. I paid for three HDMI cables and haven’t received jack (and yes, it’s been sufficient time for a lost package to be delivered to me by now).

Thank you,

Did you check your tracking number? Who did you email?

You may want to consider the amount of e-mails W00T gets during and after a W00T-off. They will get back with you. They have great customer service.

also, if you haven’t already, check your email spam folder. sometimes legit email sent to me ends up there, mabe that mite happen to the original poster as well.

Thank you all for your responses and feedback. After posting in the forum, I was in fact contacted via e-mail. The situation is being handled based on the e-mail response I received.

My irritation was stemmed from the fact that WOOT states in the auto-generated e-mail response that they will respond within 24 hours. When you send an e-mail and wait three day and then send a second which also took three days to respond to, you should be able to understand my frustration.

Regardless, thank you for all your feedback. I look forward to continuing my business with WOOT as well as receiving the package I ordered.


I’ve now purchased 3 times from Woot. My account page shows no purchases. I have now waited 17 days for delivery of the second item I purchased at Woot and there is no record of the 3rd purchase and no contact number or email to track that purchase.
The cracks are showing in the Woot middle-man business model. Once I receive my 3rd purchase, I don’t plan to do any more business with Woot. Frustrations due to poor customer service and non-standard shipping times have now outweighed the benefits of the discounts. Clever marketing is no substitute for the basics and customer service is a basic no business can ignore. Amazon will be getting my Woot business going forward.

My guess if you have not heard from anyone yet based on your post is that they thought they had taken care of problems in this thread. Weekends are no staff/short staff. Another Service request on Monday is in order. I know they have been having a problem with the service requests.

Did you make your purchses from or from If from deals, it would not be a woot service issue but it would be the responsibility of the merchant from whom you purchased the item. Deals is an aggregator and does not sell/ship anything. Anyhow, Monday, and I hope the service is forthcoming and you get your item in good order. When you hover the mouse over the red square next to your name, it shows 3 purchases.