Uniden 2-Way Radio Pair

Uniden 2-Way Radio Pair

Why does it say FCC license required in the specs?

Most likely copy/paste from the original literature. These radios were produced May 2017. The “new” rules concerning FRS and GMRS took effect September 2017.

If I’m reading the docs correctly, these radios transmit at a maximum of 1.91W on channels 1-7 and 15-22 (0.5W on the rest). The “new” FCC rules allow unlicensed use up to 2W. The new rules were written to allow units like these to be grandfathered in under the unlicensed FRS classification.

FCC docs related to these radios
FCC Test report

PS - I don’t have these radios, but the 32 mile range claim on any bubblepack radio is a marketing joke. Maybe if you and a friend were on separate tall mountains with no obstacles on a still and dry day you MIGHT be able to achieve that, but realistically expect no more than a 1/2 mile in typical environments (buildings, trees, cars, etc).

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makes me wish I didn’t miss the ones they put up in the woot-off for 12.99 lol

These would have been perfect for geocaching. Missed them during the sale :slightly_frowning_face: and also, broke.

If I buy two sets will the 4 units all be able to communicate with each other?

Cheaper on the Uniden Factory Outlet site… $29.95

However many of these you have, if they are on the same channel and within range of one another, you can talk to each other.

That’s an open box deal I think.