Uniden R1 Long Range Radar/Laser Detector

Uniden R1 Long Range Radar/Laser Detector

Oh look, it’s back, for the 100th time this year between Best Buy, Amazon, Woot, Rakuten, and Costco.

Best Buy has sold their version for 189.99 multiple times.
Woot and everyone else sells it for 199.99 all the time.
The R7 came out and has already gone on sale for $539 via Rakuten.

R7 offers directional indication of which way the radar is being detected from (just like the old Valentine One).

They are sitting on such a absurdly large stock of these, these should be considered their standard pricing. I don’t know why Amazon/Woot even bothers trying to sell these at regular price.

If you’re interested in the R7 it is available for 599.99 but you can use Coupon Code SAVE15 to bring the price to $539 shipped. This is the only thing this device has been on sale so far. There are 6 in stock but it has been coming in and out of stock for a few weeks now.