Unidentified Grilling Object

All are Monday derby submissions that printed?

Nope! I made this sale and I was feeling nostalgic…That’s the only hint I’ll give!

edited for too much hinting

They all have something to do with Wok-ing? (Or Chinese take-out)

You’re the common link! These all printed in derbies in which an Ocho design printed too.

Yup! I figured you’d probably guess it. Next time I’ll be less narcissistic with my sale themes but I couldn’t resist. =^_^=

It was still pretty obscure! Seeing how I had this left out from last week in my hallway this morning made me wonder, however:

You were wearing a tee and a tank at the same time? I’ll remember that is a possibility next time I can’t decide between the two.

A fellow wooter was asking about the tanks, so I used them for comparison.

How can I get this printed as a poster?

It’s possible that it could print on a poster or canvas. Keep checking back, but I’d bet that as we get closer to the holidays, etc., you’ll start to see a lot more “non-tee” items pop back up.