Unstealthiest Ninja Pants

If there had been little pirates on his underoos I would not have been surprised.

I’m guessing the rest are boxers

Ninja underpants…too funny.

Answering the ages-old question: “What do Ninjas wear under their shinobi shōzoku”?

Hey, we’ve all wondered, right?

yay! another one for the collection. Thank you, DoOomcat!

Now for a brief word from our sponsor DoOomcat.

“It was just a brief wardrobe malfunction. Just another day in the life of a ninja.”

A few more of these and we’ll have enough for an Unstealtiest calendar!

That answers the Boxers or Briefs question. But do green army men go commando?

They keep UnNinja around for the comic relief, no?

I would SO love a full unstealthiest collection of onesies (ahem “infant bodysuits”)

in the meantime, I’ll have to wait until the little will fit kid-tees

Here you go

neat! Except I was kind of hoping I could just give you guys money and have them show up at my door ready-made…

Feel free to throw money at us but onesies won’t show up at your door. Hope that’s ok. :tongue:

DoOomcat - do you really like RED as a Shirt color?

Just curious…

is the small hoodie an Adult small or kids small?

Adult sizes.

Is the sweatshirt available for sale, I can’t seem to find anything but the t-shirt?

The hoodie was available on the debut day.

Keep an eye out on the side sales, though - it may just come back!

Oh man, my husband has almost all of the ninja shirts. We are just missing two and the 3XL Standard fit ran out on both. Will there be more soon?