Unsweetened Iced Tea 6 Pack: Your Choice

Unsweetened Iced Tea 6 Pack: Your Choice

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$1+ per quart that you have to brew yourself is no bargain. There are premade half gallons of brand name teas at Grocery Outlet for $1.49 routinely.


Is this extra expensive because they messed up the steps on the box? I honestly don’t understand why this is more than twice as expensive as regular Lipton black tea - can anyone tell why?


It seems like the offer is for 6 boxes of 24, one quart making, tea bags. So technically it’s less than 16.66 cents per quart.

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it’s less than 16.66 cents per quart

6 boxes x 24 family-sized tea bags per box = 144 family-sized tea bags
$23 / 144 = $0.16 per family-sized tea bag

At Walmart:
1 Box of 48 family-sized Lipton tea bags is $4.18
$4.18 / 48 = $0.09 per family-sized tea bag

By weight, I would guess the tea bags are the same size.
The Lipton 48 ct box = 12oz while the Southern Breeze 24 ct box = 6.01oz


Thank you for pricing this out for us. I was going to post roughly the same thing with a different brand of tea bags but now I don’t have to. Two days ago I bought a box of Luzianne family size flow through tea bags comparable to what you wrote about Lipton so I knew right away this wasn’t a good deal.

I guess this would be an option if a person didn’t have transportation to the store. But otherwise I hope people will shop around before buying this today.


Not a deal Woot. I call shenanigans on this one. Cheaper at any grocery store within 100 mile radius of me. Got to do better.

So I typically use 4 standard bags to make 2 quarts, so by weight they’re making twice as much tea for the same weight? And a “serving” is 1/3 of a quart - which says they would have me triple the weight of any other tea?


I suppose if the only thing you are going shopping for is your tea for each of your six trips, then you could include the cost of fuel for each trip making the cost comparison closer.

Prove it? Looking online, I’m seeing higher prices.


Especially if you only buy one bag at a time

@alanv73 put the purchase link literally right in his comment. All you had to do was click on it.

It’s still there and still the same price.