Valentine's Day

Mon Petit Chou is printing on AA.

(Mods: could you put in a request for a giant orange “printed on AA” box like some of the royal blue shirts have?)

Mon Petit Chou and all long sleeves are being printed on AA!!!

Looks like I’m in a bit of trouble this side sale! So many I want, but I can only allow myself a couple due to finances. Hopefully by payday on Wednesday, I’ll know which one I want!

I’ll pass it on.

Edit: and it’s done with a poem even.

Thanks TT!!!

Aw, I was hoping for cards…a bit more useful for this day.

Sure would be nice if more than one shirt were available in pink. 8)

Hmmm, I’ve been wanting a Mon Petit Chou since it was featured on the Woot calendar a couple years ago. American Apparel, you say? Yes, please!

EDIT: Wait the poem confused me, is it only the women’s sizes that are pink? Or is the poem saying that pink is generally a women’s color?

Naw, all the sizes are on pink AA.

Did Adder ever post a picture of himself wearing Mon Petit Chou?

Man, I was really really hoping you guys would bring back “Almost Human”!! Come on, please??

As a man of his words, yes he did.

For the backstory, this was the post when he asked for it.

Wish the Dragontine was also a tote.

Any chance we could get kids sizes in these???

I see what you did there… Thanks for finding the picture!

And here’s the post where he promised to buy one.

The fifteen short-sleeve shirts are all available in kids’ sizes. Unfortunately, the three hoodies and six long-sleeve shirts are not available in kids’ sizes. IMHO, the totes’ size could hold a very small kid, but I haven’t tried this. :slight_smile: (They’re a decent size to be carried by an elementary school kid for library books; however, the totes are strong enough that it would be easy to put more weight into them than it might be good for a young kid to carry. Or more weight than it’s good for an adult to carry - the totes are really well-made!)

Thanks!!! That’s good to know! Thought I had checked SS, but guess I only checked LS. I can settle, considering the Player 2 is available in both and is perfect for my son for V-day!

Some (my) long sleeve kid shirt request represents those of us in the Northern latitudes, where many of the designs (holiday specials like snowman, ugly sweater, or now V-day) are most wearable during the colder weather months.

Anyone with a kid knows, trying to wrangle 1 shirt on a squirming 2 year old is bad enough, but forget trying to put a long sleeve undershirt on first. Short sleeve is fine for the summer-theme shirts, but yeah, on these 8 degree days, the short sleeves don’t work. (Kids aren’t any less cute for it, but their attire may be slightly less witty.)

Am I the only on who wishes the “Loves Me” and “Loves Me Not” were actually front and back on the same shirt rather than on 2 different shirts???

Got one for the cabbage-loving wife/chef! Yay!

I would love the math heart design on a tote or a hoodie or a long sleeve, really ANYTHING other than a t-shirt! Because of woot, I already have too many t-shirts!