Valvoline VR1 Racing SAE 20W-50 Motor Oil

Valvoline VR1 Racing SAE 20W-50 Motor Oil

This stuff is great for older Italian engines in hot climates, such as the old Fiat/Lancia twincams and Alfa Romeo twincam and V6 in the southern/southwestern US. These engines were engineered with much looser clearances and tolerance variations than modern engines, partly due to the more primitive metallurgy and machining precision of the era and partly to allow for more thermal expansion in racing, not to mention how most of these engines tend to be pretty well-worn by now.

There’s some debate about whether the benefits of ZDDP (zinc) additive for flat-tappet engines pertain to these overhead-cam types of engine in particular, or just pushrod OHV engines that have much greater valvetrain mass and use much higher valve spring pressure to compensate for that mass, but at any rate, it can’t hurt.


Will this racing oil make my 20 year old but still going strong Honda mower mow faster?

Truer words could not be said about Fiats in general.