Vendor Application

Hi -

I sent in a vendor application and a deal submission form last week and have not heard anything. The confirmation I received said I should hear something in a couple of days. How can I check the status of my application and deal?


Hello. Could you please private message me the reference number you were given.

To private message me, click on my name and then click on Message in the box that pops up. To check your PMs, click on your avatar in the upper-right corner of any page and then click on the envelope in the menu that appears.

When I click on your name, the box pops up, but there’s no “Message” to click on.

I clicked your name & the message box came right up for me…

Maybe you’re too new to the forum to have direct messaging privs…
Try going here:
Then look for the green message button on the right side of the screen.

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Yep, looks like new users can’t do that to avoid spamming.

@Wooter664631125 You can post it here and then I’ll delete it.


Thank you! I’ll ask the buying team.

Hi, we sent in a vendor request on 4/4/19. I haven’t received any response as well. Any way you could please check on that for us? I don’t have the message button either, but I think if you message me I should be able to reply with the Vendor Request ID.

Thank you!

Hi there. I looked up your contact and they have declined to pursue. Thank you.

Hi ThunderThighs, #metoo :smiley: I mean I have also submitted application and did not receive any answer

Hello. If they are interested, they will follow up. We get so many applications, it’s not possible to respond to every one.

Thank you!