ViewSonic LS620X-S Short Throw Projector

ViewSonic LS620X-S Short Throw Projector

Can the picture size be adjusted. I am ceiling mounting this in my basement and the screen is 100 inches?

Well, the linked specs say:

Display Size (in.): 60 – 150 in. / 1.78 – 3.81 m (diagonal)

But looking at the linked user guide on that same page, it seems to be a product of the distance from the wall. Page 10.

For a 100" diagonal screen, the specs say you’ll mount the projector 43" to 47" from the screen depending on the aspect ratio.
I have wanted a short throw projector for a long time. They are primarily for setups where you want the projector really close to the screen where people won’t walk between the projector and the screen, like in a classroom or a booth at a trade show. The picture tends to be brighter than with a medium or long throw projector because of it being so close. At just over 2’ away, this thing produces a 5’ display.
Can’t justify the price right now, though.