ViewTV Indoor Flat HDTV Antenna w/ 60mi Range

ViewTV Indoor Flat HDTV Antenna w/ 60mi Range

Just got mine in today. About 20 miles from a major U.S. city and it didn’t pick up a single channel.

Does your tv have a digital tuner or is it hella old?
What’s the landscape like? Lots of hills and trees?
Try searching your address on this site:
Do you have any green channels in the results?

Not going to pretend I understand much about HDTV antennas, but is this antenna 4K compatible? Or no, it is not because the description states it supports 720p, 1080i and 1080p formats? Regrets if this a question to an obvious answer. Thx!

This one is not 4K. :slight_smile:

But that’s only because there are currently no 4K OTA signals being broadcast. If/when they do start broadcasting 4K, this antenna should theoretically work.

No, it’s a modern, 4k tv. Definitely a lot of hills in the area. But well within range of many stations. This picked up 0. Absolutely none, no matter where I placed it.