Vinturi Red Wine Aerator

Same thing I was told via email.

Maybe that is part of the shipping delay. These came from a winery and not Woot.

Got mine today. USPS delivered a day earlier than what tracking said. This is typical for me with SmartPost shipping.

And no screens for any of the three.

For someone that received screens, where were they packed? I think I looked thoroughly, and opened the box for each funnel. I only completely unpacked one, but nothing on the box mentions the screen, so I expect they would be separate.

My screens weere nestled in the base that’s packed in the lower part of the box. And I got screens in both mine.

Thanks, 'mon. I double checked and nothing nestled.

I received my Vinturi’s last week but have been too busy to check them. I’m 1 for 3 on the screens. Time to e-mail service and see what happens.

contrary to my previous post, my Vinturi was dropped off today.

we’re in the philly burbs, pa and came w/ screen nestled in base as described in previous post.

tried out tonight with an <$10 bottle of wine (Pinot Evil - Pinot Noir) and the Vinturi made an immediate difference, completely mellowed out the tannins that are overkilled in many cheaper bottles. I feel like it was worth it in one use.

Vinturis finally delivered in Northern Virginia yesterday. I’m three for three with screens.

Recieved mine Friday in Hamden Ct. One day earlier than estimate. No screen, e-mailed woot service and waiting for a response

mine arrived with screen, are the long cracks stemming from both holes of the Vinturi normal?

yes, that is normal.

Got feedback from service (“Evan”):
“We apologize for the oversight. Please allow a week to 10 days and we should have the tracking for the screen.”

0 for 2 on the screens here.

I thought you were going to beat me and get yours the last, but no, I now have a revised date of 11/12, which usually means the mailman won’t bring it until the 13th.

Has anybody gotten a tracking number or heard anything else about the screens?

Nope, reason I was here was actually to check if anyone had info on the ETA for the screens.

As a side note, my wife and I tried the Vinturi with a Malbec (~$20)that had been opend for about 5 days and a freshly opened Malbec(~$12). We did blind taste tests and in both cases, both of us preferred the wine poured through the Vinturi. So, it looks like a winner, now if only the screens would arrive I can try it out on some Portuguese wines which tend to be less filtered w/higher sediment rates.

I also purchased the Vinturi wine aerator earlier this year. Initially, like Jaiyla posts, I was concerned about the cracks in the plastic but also googled this and found out they’re meant to be there.

Overall, I think the Vinturi is a very good aerator and helps to improve the aroma and flavors, especially in young reds, however I’m not too keen on the gurgling it makes, and also having to hover it over your glass while pouring.

My wife and I recently went to a wine tasting evening, where another wine aerator was being highly praised by the wine buffs – in not only performing as well, if not better than the Vinturi in blind tastings, but that it was more attractive and versatile and really brought a sense of occasion to enjoying a bottle of wine – all qualities that really sold it to me to try out.

It’s called the WineWeaver and it comes in four colors which you can use with both glasses and decanters.

The aeration chamber is moveable to suit the exit of the wine to the shape of your glass to enhance the aeration, plus you are able to sit it directly on top of your glass because it weighs next to nothing.

I have to say that after searching the web, I bought one of these from rather than their website, as Amazon UK were offering free postage to the States - and I like a bargain, and I have to say that it really has proved to be a very good buy.

Again, makes a less expensive bottle taste like a more expensive one, softening the tannins, and really bringing out the fruit in the wine.

And with regards to cleaning, it’s safe to just chuck into the dishwasher.

Having read that most posts seem to be impressed with the Vinturi like I was, from one wine-lover to many others, I can whole-heartedly recommend the WineWeaver aerator for functionality, performance and great design!

J Darke, Chicago

Anybody heard anything from CS?

I’ve not heard a peep since the 5th when I received the email that woot would contact the winery to have the missing part shipped to me.

I just got an email from Woot Service. They said that the screens are being shipped directly from the winery via standard USPS and should arrive within 1-2wks.

Just got an email from service.

Perhaps in time for TG.