Vinturi Red Wine Aerator

Vinturi Red Wine Aerator
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1 Vinturi Red Wine Aerator

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Awesome, I always wanted a Vinturi.

These are $31 from Amazon. $3 savings after shipping.

so do these actually work, or is a decanter still better?

Would be totally all over this had I not purchased a Decantus from Ty Caton…

And assuming this thing works like my device, yes, it does work. I’ve conducted several unscientific tests (regular pop ‘n’ pour vs. pour through device) and every time there’s been a noticeable positive difference.

Dang, was really hoping for some Iron Horse pinot even though I don’t have any more money to spend :slight_smile:

great price, don’t use it on higher end wines. This will cause the subtle complexities to dissapear due to rapid oxidation. If you need your wine to open up, use a decantur

I work at World Market and we sell this exact model. My General Manager swears by this. You can actually hear the hiss the air when you pour the wine into it. It’s supposed to make it taste like a completely different wine and make it much, much more smooth says my GM. And you cannot find it anywhere else for a better price. I don’t even get it this cheap with my discount!

p.s. to anyone who does buy this, on the inside there are small little cracks, but it’s part of the design. don’t be alarmed that it’s broken.

OK, I consider myself something of a wine snob. But this? Really? I don’t think so. Talk about a useless gadget. No, check that…it’s not a gadget. It’s a gimmick.

I gave this to my dad last year for his birthday. He said it really works well. Actually, his exact words were:

“It turns a bottle of ‘Two-Buck Chuck’ into a $6 bottle!”

The Vinturi aerator is awesome. If you enjoy wine you absolutely must get it.

Anyone who thinks it’s a gimmick, hasn’t tried it.

Sadly, though, this woot is only a $3.02 savings over amazon.

What rel difference in the taste of the wine, if any, does aeration make?

We actually did a tasting using the Vinturi at a local wine shop. I was very surprised that you can actually tell a difference after using it. It did seem to mellow the wine a bit - the tannins were not quite so pronounced. I agree that this probably shouldn’t be used on older wines, but for younger reds this tool does the trick. I’m in for two!

Phew. Can breath easy knowing there’s no more Iron Horse to tempt me.

I have a Vinturi, but I haven’t done a systematic double-blind test to verify its usefulness. I usually decant, especially since wine can often evolve in interesting ways over time. My general feeling is that these do what they claim, though different wines will benefit more or less from rapid aeration.

Ever tried one? Really great when you don’t have time to decant. I have one and use it quite frequently as I usually don’t have time to decant or am too impatient.

Then you buy 3. You’ll save more.

wow! great price. in for 3. i love mine and i paid almost twice for it. these will make great gifts this chistmas.

So yeah, I was pretty skeptical when I saw this on the home page 5 minutes ago so I decided to look up some reviews.

all I have to say is, “wow!”

Lots a great reviews actually.

Professional one w/vid:

By wired:

User reviews from amazon:

I’ll think if I have the money to blow I’ll pick this up (gotta check with the woman). I have a decanter at home which I rather use, but this would be great for the picnic basket.

I think that buying 2 or 3 is a great idea for gifts for wine lovers. Sparky didn’t have one apparently, so I think there are many people who want/don’t have these. Cesare too apparently.