Vinturi Red Wine Aerator

Decanter is better for a gentler aeration, but takes longer.

Basically, this is like an hour in a decanter. In a way, that is. But you get better aeration in a decanter (such as WD’s).

However, I don’t use it on older or higher end wines. The one I received last year as a gift did not include the filter screen, which is well worth it.

They also have a white one that’s supposed to be for white wines. Although not sure what’s so different.

It’s not a gimmick. I’d decant your really good stuff, but it will be pretty much the same as decanting a $20ish bottle without the effort and without the wait.

I toured a lot of Napa vineyards this summer, and all of them were using one of these at their wine tastings. It really makes a ton of difference. I picked one up from Amazon for around $35, so $28 with shipping is a pretty good deal. They were being sold in the wineries for $45-$50.

The base is hefty and very solid, and doesn’t slide around at all. The aerator is also solidly constructed, but the glossy clear plastic scratches easily. The bag is just your basic felt-looking thing with a cinch cord.

I will second this - it looks like there are cracks or seams running in an odd direction, but it’s apparently a function of the manufacturing process. Also be prepared to get wine on whatever you’re pouring over, because you’re bound to spill, miss, leak, etc with this thing. I think this is worth it if you drink a fair amount of ho-hum everyday wines.

Have one, but not one with the filter. Now I can keep one with my travel wine glass case, and one at home.

Sure, if you buy 1.

Buy 3, and its $93 vs $74, a 20% savings.

Scientifically, this is brilliant. It isn’t gimmicky at all - the speed at which a wine is exposed to oxygen and changes character won’t make any difference. It MIGHT do too much aeration all at once - I’ll admit you may lose the ‘glass of wine changing character over the course of an hour’ experience. But to call it gimmicky is to miss the fundamental purpose of allowing a wine to breathe.

A decanter operates on the exact same principle: Expose more surface area of the wine to the atmosphere. Same same opening the cork, leaving a glass of wine out to breathe, and using vacuums or inert gasses to seal the bottle.

While I don’t know have first hand experience of its usage, the principal is solid. On a scale from ‘gimmick’ to ‘legitimate’ this device would fall firmly in the legit camp.

you’re obviously not a wine snob or else you’d travel upon some wine boards that would validate the claims of the Vinturi :wink:

I didn’t even notice the screen until you said something. That’s pretty damn slick. Broken cork, sediment, etc.

Will it really eliminate any bad aftertaste? Because the wine they made in my micro lab was pretty bad, I don’t think a little aeration is gonna help.

The main benefit is releasing the esters that produce the bouquet. It probably also helps funky but volatile aromas and SO2 to blow off. I think the biggest potential benefit is an infusion of oxygen that will help a wine open up in the glass.

Then again, even standard decanting is somewhat controversial. If you believe in aeration, though, time is a necessary part of the equation.

Eliminating bad taste is not the purpose of this device. If the wine is bad as in oxidized or corked, it’s bad and nothing’s going to change that.

After seeing these at a winery for $40, I bought from Amazon a couple of months ago. I have a hard time tasting any difference between wine poured through the Vinturi and wine poured straight into the glass. Having said that, I have a couple friends that want one, so I’m in.

Or at least read this thread.

Well, we’ve been whinging at WD to get these things, and here they are.

In for two. I guess it’s an appropriate woot for me to become better than anybody else (again)

I absolutely love mine! The wine definitely tastes better after being poured through this. I haven’t compared it to decanted wine, but if you don’t have time to decant, this is a handy little device. Mine didn’t come with the filter, which is a nice bonus. Someone my dad gave one of these to as a gift got some cork in their wine, it blocked up the Vinturi, and wine shot out the side holes (where air is supposed to go in), so having this filter would prevent mishaps like that.

As stated, it won’t help a bad wine, but it will help you find out it’s a bad wine faster. Like, before you drink it all.

At one of the Wine.Woot gatherings, MadWine & MadWino said one of the wines was bad (forget what bad it was). Several of us couldn’t tell until we ran it thru the Vinturi, and then it was immediately apparent.

I have a slightly different unit of this offering and endorse it. Now, maybe part of it is psychology, but pouring the wine through the simple device does seem to approach the impact of letting the wine sit open for 45 minutes or so.

And this is a good price. Paid at least $30 plus shipping for mine. Get a couple extra for Christmas gifts while you’re at it.

+1 Great for things like Boss Monster Zin, but don’t even think about using it on the Corison Kronos Cab. Of course if the wife and I had used it on the Domain Carneros Pinot Meunier, we would have never had a chance to see how quickly it lost all complexity.

Will a company rep. be popping in? If so, can I call or e-mail vinturi and purchase the screen? It is not a purchase option on the website.