Vinturi Wine Aerator

Random… but exactly what I was looking for. Do I pull the trigger?

practically the same price after shipping as on amazon… meh!

Love this product! Highly recommended for anyone who’s thought about an aerator for table wine. Woot Info Post tutors us to be ludicrous!

Vinturi Wine Aerator [New] - $23.99 + $5 shipping

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Yessssss. In for 2 (1 red, 1 White).

This is an excellent buy. I have (had) one that I left at my grandmother’s at Christmas. It’s completely MIA now. Eugh. Want to buy another, but I’ve spent too much on the Woot-Offs today. FML.

Is there an actual difference between the white and red aerators? Do they aerate differently for each type of wine, or is it just the black vs. white plastic casing for it?

Amazon sells a combo package of one for red and one for white for $47.98 shipped. Meaning it is the exact same as this, but you don’t have to pay the five dollars for shipping.


Sorry, forgot the link. I ordered this exact item from Amazon for a friend a few weeks ago. Real Deal.

Amazon For a Buck More

Yes, they are different! Check out their site -

These are worth every penny. I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself. Do a side by side tasting one using the vinturi and one without. You’ll swear they’re different wines.

I’ve been thinking about one of these since a tasting last month at a friend’s. And since I’ve been so button happy on wine.woot lately I may be intoxicated when this shows up, I wonder if they’ll let me have it. Assuming it will even ship to my state!!!

Any way these can get to me by next Tuesday for my Wine Tasting / LOST Premier party?


I got a pair on wine/woot a while back. I’ve done several shoot out taste tests and you can totally tell a difference.

Highly recommended if you enjoy wine or if you want to impress guests when you do dust of the bottle sitting in the back of the cabinet behind all your glasses.

Got one of these for my father in law for Christmas, and it works great. I don’t have much experience with other aerators, but this one did a great job, and even I a wine noob could tell quite a difference in the red wine.

My father in law loved it, and says it works better than most he has seen.

Highly recommended!

Are you making an apples to apples comparison? The red wine aerator on Woot includes a sediment screen.

Now Amazon has matched the price. But I do love the Vinturi. I have read that you dont need it for white wine,but I love it for red wine.

this is really a great product, got it for my dad for christmas and he loves it.

The stand they make for them is a highly valuable accessory for anyone getting one btw. Holding the aerator and not spilling is a surprisingly difficult two-handed job.