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Vinturi Wine Aerator [New] - $23.99 + $5 shipping

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Heres the product website

Some reviews from Amazon

$25 on Amazon, with free shipping.

The white wine version is $27.49 on Amazon but that’s still cheaper than Woot after shipping.

Cheaper at Amazon when you include the free shipping.

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

What has happened to this site? It used to be a no-brainer for deals.

We use ours everyday and like it, but I don’t think we paid this much.

The $25.00 on Amazon is for only the red wine aerator. As far as I can see you get the White and the Red on Woot.

Check again, you get to pick which one you want, red or white. The price is for one only.

I own one and use my vinturi every day. It truly does make a difference in the tasting experience. Not a bad price.

Looks like you purchase either the Red or the White, but not both.

Great product. Was a bit skeptical when I first saw it demo’d on a visit to Sonoma last summer. Blown away when it took an average, if slightly unpleasant $8 wine, and made it into something that felt like a $25 bottle. We regularly use one now at home.

Is there a difference between the two, other than the sediment shield?

great product. i have the red wine one and it makes a huge difference. i’d suggest pouring the entire bottle through the vinturi into your decanter. it is a bit annoying to use it every glass you pour but it is worth it.

Purchased one at the last wootoff and really like it. Opens up a red like it’s been decanted for hours. And since I’ve been a winewootaholic lately, this has come in very handy.

We have one. We love it. We paid less for it.

And, as just about everyone else has pointed out, it’s cheaper on Amazon when you include shipping.

Regardless of where you buy one, every wine drinker should have it. I got mine during gift week last winter and the wife and I love it. We always are impressed by it when you taste the wine straight from the bottle then pour your first glass through here. The wonderful flavors that it brings out in your wine make it worth every penny. That being said, it wont make a shitty wine good. It will just save you an hour in the decanter.

I was excited when I saw this on here, but then I checked Amazon. As a Prime member, I could have it by Friday for less than woot’s price (after shipping), which would likely take two weeks or more to arrive.

I saw this at Bed, Bath, & Beyond over the weekend and thought it might be cool. But they were charging $40, so I said no.

I spent $40 on mine a year or so ago and it’s been worth every penny. HIGHLY recommend it.