Vinturi Travel

Vinturi Travel
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CONDITION: Travel Sized
1 Vinturi Travel
1 Hard Case Travel Case

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The Vinturi Website says

A compact, portable version of the original Vinturi. Measures 5 1/2 inches tall and weighs just 4 ounces. Includes black hard case with stainless steel accents.

Price: $39.95"

Had to do it again:

“Sometimes a picture doesn’t really help sell a product.”

Gotta have some video!

Vinturi blind tasting

I think the consensus was it is smaller than the regular Vinturi, and therefore even more prone to making a big mess.

I had the occasion to use the Rabbit aerator that poured perfectly for me. I’m going to hold out for one of those. Or one of those glass ones that NightGhost raves about, besides reminding me of how much I dreamt of Barbara Eden in “I Dream of Jeanie” as tween in the onset of adolescence.

“Rave” is a bit strong:

$35.95 on amazon

Some blind taste tests/reviews:

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I’m still of the mindset that the original vinturi is just as portable?

But saying that, please buy these things so we can move along to the next woot! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter how useful it is away from home. If you take this out at a restaurant or in public, be prepared to get some dirty looks.

"You’re such a snob you have to carry about a portable aerator?

True. But wine geeks can use them to meet other wine geeks.

“Your Vinturi Travel or mine?”

Agreed! I have money to burn and haven’t seen anything yet I’m interested in…

My fiance and I started drinking wine two years ago but we haven’t invested in one yet, probably because they are so expensive… I could buy a nice bottle of wine, 2 decents, or 4-5 lower shelf brands for that!

This will improve any bottle of red wine…except Red Drop Sweet Red. It just tastes awful.

The coolest feature of the travel Vinturi is the case. It spins around inside its self like one of those secret door book cases.

The second coolest feature is sits in the the mouth of the recently poured bottle so any drips go right back into the bottle.

Prepare for a long nite, or better yet get some sleep and hope tomorrow brings some autobuys.

I’ve been lurking here for awhile. I took Nightrider’s perspective and now believe that all the devices have their own place.

Do we dare hope for (dread) a 2 day woot off?

Holy woot-off killer batman.

Not even I’m so much of a wine snob to where I need to travel with a Vinturi…

WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO for the 2 day woot off! (excitement is NOT shared by my bank account). Boss is out of the office tomorrow and I know how I will be spending the day!