¡Viva Vivitek!





  • 7+3 Color-Wheel DLP Projector (1.07bil Colors, 6,438:1 Contrast Ratio, 1500/2500/5000/7500 Lumens, up to 96hz Scan/Refresh Rate)
  • 155" Acoustically-Transparent Screen
  • Denon Pro-Series 11.4ch Receiver and Marantz 9ch Receiver
  • Marantz Professional-Series Blu-Ray Player (3D, HDMI 1.4a/b)
  • Marantz DVD-Video and Audio player
  • Marantz CD and SA-CD Player
  • Pre-Pro, Video Signal Processor, Equalizer, DAC(s), etc (all individual units)
  • In-Wall 12ga Speaker Wiring
  • Theater-Style Lighting
  • False-walls (room-within-room plus extra space to allow easy access to wiring/etc) with integrated cabinets, “indents” behind speakers to allow them to be only 12" away from the wall yet not interfere with rear porting, etc
  • 6x McIntosh Amplifiers
  • Def Tech Mythos ST FR/FL/CTR/SR/SL/RR/RL Tower Speakers, KEF Bipolar Radiating Speakers for Front-High/Front-Wide, 2x Dual-13.5" Subwoofers and 2x DefTech 12" Subwoofers
  • Full Room-Treatment
  • 8-Person Theater-Style Seating (2 rows of 4 seats, rear row elevated 1ft)
  • Custom-Built (by myself) Home Theater and Gaming PC (i7 2600K @ 5.2Ghz, Maximus IV Extreme-Z, 16GB DDR3-2133 9-10-9-26, 2x GTX580 3GB Classified in SLI OC’d +38%core/+42%mem, Samsung 830 256GB SSD for OS/Boot, LSI 24port PCI-e3.0 x16 RAID Controller Card w 4GB DDR3-1333 Cache and BBU, 12x 3TB HDD’s in RAID6 for 30TB, 8x 1TB Velociraptors in RAID0, 4x 4TB Hitachi in RAID5; Asus Xonar Essence STX PCIe x1 Sound Card, Custom-Made Case, custom water cooling including 3x 560 rads + 1x 480 + 2x 240 all push-pull, 2x MCP35X2 pumps, Aquacomputer GPU Blocks, Koolance CPU-380 CPU Block, Bitspower RAM Freezer Universal RAM Waterblock, MIPS M4E-Z Motherboard Waterblock Set; CPU/GPU/RAM/MB idle/max temps are 22/61C, 22/38C, 21/25C, 22/29C with all fans set at lowest speed, 20/51C, 20/35C, 20/21C, 20/21C with fans at 80% speed; Delta-T of 0.9C at 80% and 2.2C at Minimum)


My gameboy is still cooler~