Vivitek Q38-BK Ultra-Portable Projector

Vivitek Q38-BK Ultra-Portable Projector

The last time this was offered, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase one. It arrived in a plain brown box, but it was obvious that this had never been used. I was ecstatic until I looked through the contents of the box and there was no user manual, not even a Quick Start Guide. I searched the internet for a manual to no avail. This is not an intuitive item. Without a manual, using the internal browser, mirroring, etc. becomes a very difficult if not impossible task.
I contacted Woot, requesting the manual, that normally would be included or, perhaps, a disc with the manual or URL to the manual. Woot responded immediately. “This item sold out quickly. We have no replacements to secure a manual. We will send you a PDF return mailer and credit your account for the purchase.” Without knowing how to use the projector, I returned it.Now, months later, after a visit to a dealership that sells and services audio visual equipment, I have the URL for a PDF of the Q38-BK manual.
Before you order, bookmark the URL!


I just looked again at the Q38’s description and specs on the Woot announcement for sale. Here’s the copy and paste:
In the Box:

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Good man.

There probably was some horribly mis-translated info in the manual, like, “Drop projector into deep-fryer to select source.”

Just look at the specs: “Texas Instructions DLP® TRP chip technology for long-lasting precise”