Vizio 32” 720p LCD HDTV

I’m almost scared to buy a BOC. I really, REALLY don’t want that giant wooden monkey thing.

Good for a kids tv - but 60hz LCD is such old technology, you’re better off shelling out more for a plasma or 120hz tv.

good find

Only 2 HDMI Ports, so if you have more than 2 HDMI devices you should have gotten the last woot.

The perfect TV to go with that HMDI switch box.


Have this TV in bedroom. Good pic. Panasonic SoundBar finishes it off for sound. Semi-surround in BR ain’t bad, honestly.

have there been any monkeys yet?

Well I guess its time for a morning triple-s. Sh!t, Shower, and Shave.

See you all in a hour.

finally, I’ve been waiting for this TV since the last time they put it up 5.5 hours ago

Making me hungry…

same price in ebay but $26 shipping but new

If you have more then 1 room in your home I suggest you buy three

updated/animated wootoff lights… are these new?

Yeah, but Buying from eBay doesn’t increase your Woot Street Cred.

This is a link to 64 Amazon reviews:

Battlefield Earth is my favorite sci-fi book.

is the community link not working correctly for anyone else? it says the last item for sale was june 3rd. Wanted to check out what i missed

I noticed that also with the lights