Vizio 70" LED 4K Smart UHDTV

Does this TV have DLNA?

Can be bought brand new for only $100 more on Amazon

I’m not seeing any mention of it on our sale or the VIZIO page.

According to Consumer Reports, it DLNA-certified.

AWESOME! Thank you!

Lusting after this. If I was a bit more flush I’d order it.

This looks like a fairly good TV. If you want a really big 4K TV, and don’t need Internet on it, then it’s probably a good choice. However, it’s a re-fur-bished one, and you can get it new for just a $100 more at a number of places, including the mothership. Best Buy has it for $1800, and I’ve got one just down the street from me. Costco as well. Other online retailers have it new for $1800 as well. I don’t think this is that good a deal, cost wise.

Also note, there are NO TVs that have 240K rates. That is an “effective” rate, no TV has more than 120K. “240” is marketing, that’s all.

And if you’re a Costco member, you can buy it there for the same price ($1699).

Not to knock this great price, but I just saw Costco have the exact model, BRAND NEW for $1699. (oops someone beat me to the punch)

Don’t need internet on it? what does that mean exactly. It has WiFi and is listed as a smart TV