Vont LED Camping Lantern 2 or 4-Pack

Vont LED Camping Lantern 2 or 4-Pack


I feel like I have enough of those for some reason.

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That’s odd.

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Yep, just like your avatar.

I mean that it’s odd that you feel as if you have enough lamps.

Well, I do have eight of them, I think. And I gave some away. I never go camping and have only a bedroom, living room, and bathroom that would need to be lit if there’s a power outage.

So, yeah, I think I have enough lamps.

Good, so they’ll come in handy when I make a fort in your living room.

And batteries

The lamps come with batteries so you’re good to go right out of the box.

Here’s my impression upon receiving the 4-Pack:

I was pretty impressed with these little lamps when I got around to cracking open the box. The build quality actually doesn’t suck. They are VERY bright! The plastic seems to be the high impact variety and doesn’t feel cheap. There is a bit of weight to these and nothing really feels flimsy.

The included Chinese “warriors” [sic] brand alkaline batteries are rather fresh and there’s enough of them included to power all of the lanterns. The best part, IMHO, is the Lifetime Warranty; but you need to activate it per the enclosed instruction card to use it.

We ironically need these both for camping and because the power grid down here in South Jersey frankly sucks. We will typically get at least a handful of outages each year. They also seem to happen at very inopportune times (read: Thanks, Murphy!) So, perhaps investing in rechargeable batteries for these wouldn’t be a bad investment! Either way, you could get started right away with the included alkalines.


If you’re on the fence with these — I’d say to just buy them — you really could do A LOT worse, especially at this price point! Finally, when comparing these lamps to others in the same price range or even a bit more, they are easily a 5-Star deal!