Walker Edison Adirondack Chair

Walker Edison Adirondack Chair

I would not recommend these chairs. I got two and they broke within minutes of use. My wife’s chair back clean broke at the arm attachment points (she’s 120lb). Since both chairs broke, I would say these are probably defects but perhaps the whole lot is defective? I’ll be returning them for a full refund or otherwise. Very disappointing.

Just received an order of two chairs. Both sit just fine. Stain is nice. I weigh a buck 80. No support problems on a flat surface. Did not try in grass. The stock photos don’t show the functionality, but there is a cylinder bolt that can been seen on the side of the chair (both sides). They pull out and can be placed on the inside of the folded chair to ‘lock’ the fold in place.

Wood is a little light- I could see these not being the best for heavier set folks.

Received two chairs and both were damaged. Back supports broken where it attaches to the armrest. Same issue as noted in previous post. Seems like a common problem and would not recommend. Mine looks damaged in shipment.

Blargh. I’m sorry for the HULK SMASH delivery. Please reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.