Wallet Wizard Stainless Steel Multi-Use Tool

Wallet Wizard Stainless Steel Multi-Use Tool

Does it make me an alcoholic for knowing that’s " Not Your Fathers: Mountain ale"?

Too bad it doesn’t also have a framing hammer option.

You could even cut a tin can with it. But you wouldn’t want to.

Holy crapola!! There’s a 4 pack listed on Amazon for $89.99 + free shipping. Buy these up!!!

This is the same price on GroupOn and has been active for months.

Ehhh… had to buy it.

lol,they consider one of the features as a key-ring. to me its just a hole, can you imagine having this on your key ring and then sticking it in your pocket with the exposed knife end.

@woot will there be any $50 BoC today?

I’ve seen it said in other posts that there will not be. Just every day run of the mill crap today.

ok thanks


Here was the post I was referring to…

Be prepared for the TSA to find it and you lose it :slight_smile: