Wally LiftMate Garage Bike Lift

Some research shows them to be from my hometown of Toledo, OH. Now, if only my garage had walls 96" high - looks like it won’t work properly shorter than that.

i have a “hardtop” for my 1980 fiat spyder(and you DONT).im going to use these to store it in the garage sos i can take it off and go top less.have to fab.a bracket but that should nt be to hard

Google is your friend… I just searched on “wally liftmate video”

Looks like a pneumatic strut is built into the lower bar, or at the very least, it’s dampening the movement, so it assists on the lifting and lowering.

I don’t see why you couldn’t install it anywhere other than a garage. As long as you have the room and don’t mind your bike hanging on the wall (which is better for the tires), it can go up an any free piece of wallboard you have in your home.

In for two.
This should help me organize a bit in the garage, between 2 cars, 2 motorcycles, and all the lawn equipment, it gets a little crowded in there!

Wow! Something I actually need and it’s not sold out!

Yeah, this thing goes for $80-$90 + shipping elsewhere – I’m surprised it’s still around on Woot!

This thing is awesome, really clean up my garage and it goes for $90 a pop else were. I wonder if it’s a discontinued item and that’s why it’s so cheap.

I currently have the kind that mount on the ceiling and you pull them up, it works but the cords are a pain. I have probably 12 foor ceilings in my garage and I still need to duck under them, this seems much better, and easier to use.

Shouldn’t that be “16” centers, maximum"? I’d hate to see a wall with studs on 32", 48", or 72" centers. Actually, no, I think I would like to see that…

i wonder if this is a smaller version of all the other ones that sell for 80 bucks and such?

maybe because of the kiddie bike, this lifts arm looks smaller than other pics

Here’s a transcript from a nice little radio interview with the inventor:

From this link, it appears the company no longer produces this item.

But here is a good FAQ.

I’m in for three. Anything to help organize the garage!!! It seems to be a bargain at three for $50 when elsewhere they are one for $50 to $90 plus shipping.

I wonder how much my bike weighs… with a 37 lb maximum weight, I’m not sure.

(My bike is virtually a tank.)

The M1 series tank weighs over 60 tons, so you might be in trouble…

My oldest mountain bike (10 years old) weights nearly 33 pounds (old front shock only Specialized). All my newer bikes both road and mountain weigh far less. Downhill specific bikes may reach the 37 lb limit depending on setup.

If you are worried just mount 2 next to each other (one to lift the front and one for the back)!.. :slight_smile:

Considering a set of standard bike hooks can go for $10-15, this is a bargain. What the heck, I’m in for 2.

Come on people That’s funny. Good one.

Oh, this is cool!

very practical…and for this price, hard to resist. N-4-2

Where the heck are you buying those at?

You can go to Menards, Home Depot, whatever and get two hooks for under $5.

Hell, go to the Dollar Store or something. Any place that has cheap hooks will do the job.


Or… You can just buy one of those large plastic coated hooks from home depot or Walfart for a couple bucks!!!

…Just a thought.

lemme know how these work out.

Y helo thar really old thread!

I just installed my Wally bike lifts today. They work as advertised. I am pleased with this product.