Wally LiftMate Garage Bike Lift

pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Wally LiftMate Garage Bike Lift
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$14.99 + $5 shipping

Was this the one from American inventor ?


Abikestore.com link

from the froogle link

Anyone know of videos on YouTube or something else out there that shows how this lifts the lowers the bike effortlessly?

i’ll have to go to the garage tomorow and measure my bike, but that pink Specialized is pretty balla.

Some safety info here: http://www.raizit.com/safety.htm

That looks like the site for the lift, but many pages (including the video) wouldn’t load for me.

Hmm…wonder if I can use this to hang up my two Trikkes? Hook the wheels onto the hooks where the handlebars and seat hook on?

If you like garage organization stuff, Amazon has a deal right now on the Racor 4x4 heavylift for $99, too.

Yeah man I agree with you about the pink Specialized. Didn’t know they made rides for the kiddies too…

Quite specific requirements for this thing - “drywall must be … painted.”
lulz. =P


No garage=no bike lift. :frowning:

In for 3.

My garage is a mess, and I really can see this device used for storing various < 37lbs items out of the way with some minor modding. Who knows, maybe I’ll even buy 3 bikes the next time Woot sells them. :slight_smile:

BTW: The Woot picture makes this thing look like a junior version of the one discussed in this thread. I hope it’s jut the perspective…

These from my research can be used on any wall.

NOT from american inventor.


Why do you say that? Their website at http://www.raizit.com/whoweare.htm says:
“Invented, designed and made in the USA”

Seems pretty clear to me!

Apparently these things don’t help your posture.

He’s asking if it’s the one shown on the TV show “American Inventor”. It’s not.

in for 2! this is just way too cool, and way too good a deal

Woot does it again…